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Saturday, January 21, 2006


This is day one of my Blog, obviously more interesting posts will follow. I have joined the Peace Corps and finally recieved my invitation. I am going to Morocco from March 06- May '08 and I will be in the Hygiene and Sanitation Program. I am leaving March 4th to travel to Philly to begin orientation, then I am flying to Morocco where I will live with a host family for relatively 6 weeks. While living with my host family I will be training for my final assignment. I will have language classes and classes on the health extension program. My Post Office info is on my facebook site. You all can keep in touch with me through my email or send me letters via my PO box. Prior to leaving I will just be visiting Boone to see old friends, traveling the state, reading various books on Morocco, playing with my Arabic script book, getting the wisdom teeth taken out, and packing, of course.